Our MIssion:
Our MIssion:
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Lack of training is probably the Number 1 reason people relinquish or abandon their animals.
Cute little puppies that jump up on you for attention or beg at the table grow up to 50 or 60 lb dogs that can knock you down or lick your plate clean while your back is turned. Puppies that are not taught to wait and curb their immediate impulses are puppies that are likely to bolt into traffic, incur the wrath of bigger dogs, or terrorize cats. Frankly, if you aren’t willing to train your puppy or dog, you shouldn’t have one.

Thankfully, training a dog doesn’t take as long as training your children-but it should follow some of the same principles. Praise and reward your puppy/dog for doing something you like. Be consistent. Help them succeed, but give them boundaries. Withhold praise and attention when they are behaving badly-but don’t talk about it too much. Model good behavior (want them to be calm? Act calm!)

Chama Valley Humane has had the good fortune to work with two trainers-former BOD member Kytha Gernatt (who we hope will come back from San Francisco to spend a summer with us soon!) and Marnie George, a professional trainer in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (who has hosted many training clinics for us and worked with some dogs that we would not have been able to save without her incredible help and tireless energy!)

Visit our Links page for contact information for Marnie.